Woodhall III Vineyard

Woodhall III Vineyard was donated to OSU in 1987. In 2015, renovations began to enhance the function of the facility. These improvements are necessary to expand our research and educational programs and to ensure safety for site users. Below is a list of major accomplishments to date:

  • In spring 2015, a 2-acre vineyard block was planted. It will serve as the location for a canopy design study to be conducted by OWRI team members. Drs. Paul Schreiner and Patty Skinkis designed the new vineyard block and basic research objectives. Many members of the OWRI team helped to get the vineyard planted under the direction of farm manager, Scott Robbins and his dedicated farm team. Plant material was donated by Duarte Nursery and vineyard trellis supplies provided by Linde Vineyard Supply.
  • A septic system was installed to support restroom facilities that will be part of a new storage building. A new roof was added to the old shed structure which will be renovated to serve as a classroom and office building.
  • A new vineyard entry and road was established by Matt Pihl and his team at Phil Excavating. They donated their time, expertise, and equipment to develop a more safe entry to the site. The OWRI and OSU would like to express their deep gratitude to Matt Pihl and his team for their continued support of Woodhall Vineyard.

The vineyard serves to educate and inform OSU students and the Oregon wine industry through classes, training, and research. Located 30 minutes south of the Corvallis campus, just west of the town of Alpine, Woodhall Vineyard features a southern slope and a relatively warm mesoclimate within the hillside.

Assistant Vineyard Manager 

Josh Price

Research Winery 

The research winery at Oregon State University is a hands-on learning environment, serving to educate and inform OSU students and the Oregon wine industry through classes, training, and research. Students will learn how to prepare grapes for processing and engage in the winemaking process. They will work with a stemmer-crusher, presses, filtration systems, batch centrifuge and bottling system. The winery also serves as a storage facility for research wine.