This is the program you’ve been asking for!

The Department of Viticulture and Enology at University of California Davis is pleased to present a two-day short course of wine grape production at the UC Davis Conference Center.  The short-course is designed to address the production issues growers maybe facing in our diverse growing regions. Both new and experienced growers will benefit from this short-course.  The topics we will focus on three main areas: 1) Vineyard soils/site preparation and irrigation system design:  This focus area will present a deeper understanding on soil parent materials, micro-irrigation system design, rootstock choices and cover crops and interactions with the vineyard planting systems.  2) Production:  This focus area will deliver information on trellising systems for high efficiency production, grapevine mineral nutrition, grape berry ripening and how to counteract heat spikes, irrigation scheduling, virus diseases and their physiology 3) Mechanical and Precision Viticulture: This focus area will deliver science based information on mechanization steps in canopy management, interpreting proximal and remote sensing data, processing sensor data, data gathering by neighborhood associations.

View the entire 2-day short course and links to the speakers here: