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Dr. Monica L. Cooper, Ph.D.

Farm Advisor- Viticulture
UC Cooperative Extension, UC Davis, Napa, CA

In April 2009, Monica Cooper was appointed Viticulture Farm Advisor with UC Cooperative Extension in Napa County. Educated as a “Plant Doctor” at the University of Florida, she has professional training in plant pathology, entomology, soils, and plant science. Her research interests include viticulture, pest management, and vineyard team dynamics. She is Executive Director of the Napa Valley Vineyard Technical Group and has an active outreach program with the goal of extending science-based technical information to the vineyard industry.


Dr. Jay W. Pscheidt, Ph.D.

Professor and Extension Plant Pathology Specialist
OSU, Corvallis, OR

Jay W. Pscheidt is a professor at Oregon State University as an Extension Plant Pathology Specialist since 1988. His principal duties are to lead a statewide extension program related to the diagnosis and management of diseases of all fruit, nut, and ornamental/nursery crops. He is co-editor of The Pacific Northwest Plant Disease Management Handbook. Active programs include testing the efficacy of many chemical compounds, biologicals and techniques for control of various tree fruit, nut and ornamental diseases important to Oregon’s agricultural industries.