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Jobs and Internships in the Wine Industry
Title Employer Employment Location Application Posted
Harvest Internship
(14 positions available)
Paul Hobbs Winery/Crossbarn Winery Sebastopol, CA Apply Here
closing date: 7/31/2021
Summer Internship Phelps Creek Vineyards Hood River, OR Apply Here 03/19/21
Harvest Cellar Internship Mending Wall Winery St. Helena, CA Apply Here 03/10/21
second Assistant Vineyard Manager Hyland Vineyards Dundee, OR Contact Bruno Corneaux 03/09/21
Seasonal Harvest Cellar Worker Elk Cove Vineyards Gaston, OR Apply Here 03/04/21
Viticulture Enology Internship Abacela Winery Roseburg, OR Apply Here 01/27/21
Enology Internship Abacela Winery Roseburg, OR Apply Here 01/27/21
Harvest Cellar and Vineyard Worker Foris Vineyards Rogue Valley, OR Apply Here 01/25/21
Viticulture Intern Winemakers LLC Alderdale, WA
Sunnyside, WA
Apply Here 01/25/21


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