Robert Martin

Courtesy Faculty, Supervisory Research Plant Pathologist
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Office: 541-738-4041

My research focuses on understanding viruses of small fruit crops, developing diagnostic tests for viruses, understanding the epidemiology of viruses to develop control strategies, developing resistance to viruses of small fruit crops through genetic engineering and identifying resistance genes to be used in breeding programs when engineering resistant plants.


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Ag Botany / Plant Path
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Grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin along with five brothers and five sisters. After the dairy farm, university was fun, so I stayed until I had finished my Ph.D. Then did a post doctorate position with USDA-ARS in Corvallis, then moved to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Vancouver B.C. for 13 years, before returning to the USDA-ARS in Corvallis. Have worked with viruses in small fruit crops since 1980. Since 2004, I have also been Research Leader for the Horticultural Crops Research Laboratory which has 15 Scientists and a total staff of about 70, plus 25-30 temporary staff. I still maintain a research program in virology.


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