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James Osborne

James P. Osborne

james.osborne [at]

Office: 541-737-6494

Wiegand Hall

Wiegand Hall 108A

3051 SW Campus Way

3051 SW Campus Way
Corvallis, OR 97331


My research focuses on microbial spoilage bacteria in wines, impacts of yeast strain on flavor and aroma production from saccharomyces, natural ferment yeasts, acetaldehyde metabolism by malolactic bacteria and its enological consequences, malolactic fermentation, and wine yeast bacteria interactions. Extension activities include developing statewide continuing education in enology for the wine industry in Oregon. Read more about James' research click here. 

Wine Microbiology - Malolactic fermentation; Microbial spoilage of wine; Wine yeast-bacteria interactions; Problematic alcoholic and malolactic fermentations; Acetaldehyde metabolism by malolactic bacteria and its enological consequences.