About Us

The Oregon Wine Research Institute is a collaboration between Oregon State University, the Oregon wine industry, and other academic partners. We are dedicated to strengthening research ties and communicating our research efforts dedicated to supporting Oregon grape growing and winemaking.


The OWRI engages in collaborative, multi-disciplinary research and outreach to support the Oregon wine industry.


The OWRI will advance the economic and environmental sustainability of the Oregon wine industry. The institute aims to strengthen financial, intellectual and physical resources of its institutional and research partners. Our research will span from local to international levels.

Core Values

Our core values, listed below, guide how we accomplish our mission.

RESEARCH:  We conduct research that supports the needs of the Oregon wine industry and advances scientific knowledge.

EDUCATION: We develop and deliver research-based information and training.

COLLABORATION:  We develop interdisciplinary teams and optimize resources to address research and outreach needs. 

LEADERSHIP:  We provide research-based direction to the Oregon wine industry.

RESPECT:  We conduct ourselves with mutual respect and collegiality.

OWRI Research and Extension Videos

OWRI asked the OSU Extension and Experiment Station Communications Service to produce short videos of our research and extension faculty so stakeholders and partners can see who we are and what we do. Research can have more impact when a face is attached to a project or paper, it becomes more personal and accessible. We also hope to enhance the understanding of the research process and what our scientists do in the field, labs, and cellars. Of course, what is on display here is only the tip of the iceberg of a faculty member’s overall research program, but it is representative of the way each person strives to serve the wine industry. We hope you will enjoy these, and feel free to contact each scientist if you have questions or want to learn more. You can find more information about each person on his or her webpage HERE. Thanks to Kym Pokorny, Stephen Ward, and Gail Wells for their incredible work in producing these video, and our faculty for agreeing to be “on camera.”