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Justin Litwin
Woodhall Vineyard Manager
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Woodhall III Vineyards

Woodhall III Vineyards 25944 Green Peak Rd

Woodhall III Vineyards
25944 Green Peak Rd
Monroe, OR 97456

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Laurent Deluc
Associate Professor
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Our group conduct research on functional genomics with a strong emphasis on specialty and cereal crops. We study different aspects of plant biology in the context of a developmental program and in response to abiotic and biotic stresses. Our plant models grapevine, a major fruit crop in U.S....

Alec Levin Alexander Levin
SOREC Director and Viticulturist
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My research focuses on understanding grapevine physiology - with foci on plant water relations, carbohydrate metabolism, and fruit ripening biochemistry - and applying that understanding to improve vineyard management practices while enhancing sustainable wine grape production. Current...

Walter Mahaffee
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Research focuses on understanding the ecology of microorganisms on plant surfaces, and applying that knowledge to reduce disease development in agronomic settings while enhancing the economic and sustainable production of horticultural crops. Current research projects (1) inoculum monitoring...

James P. Osborne James Osborne
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My research focuses on microbial spoilage bacteria in wines, impacts of yeast strain on flavor and aroma production from saccharomyces, natural ferment yeasts, acetaldehyde metabolism by malolactic bacteria and its enological consequences, malolactic fermentation, and wine...

Michael Qian
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My wine research focuses on wine and grape flavor chemistry to identify and quantify flavor compounds important to wine quality and understand how they change the chemical composition of fruit after winemaking, and during aging.

My research interests are flavor chemistry and...

Paul Schreiner
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My research explores biotic and abiotic components of vineyard ecosystems to develop sustainable practices that promote plant and soil health and improve fruit quality. My laboratory addresses both fundamental and applied aspects of plant nutrient physiology emphasizing the role of roots,...

Patricia Skinkis
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Dr. Skinkis' research program focuses on whole plant physiology studies that are designed to understand vine vegetative vigor management, physiology of vine balance, and vineyard management impacts on fruit composition and wine quality. Her research also includes work on yield management, fine...

James Sterns
Associate Professor
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Fields: Agribusiness economics and management, agricultural marketing, institutional economics.

Elizabeth Tomasino
Associate Professor
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My research focuses on flavor chemistry, sensory perception, flavor and aroma chemistry of Pinot noir and other winegrapes, and investigating structural chirality of aroma compounds in wine.

My research interests lie in wine sensory analysis and flavor chemistry. A main research...

Vaughn Walton
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  • Entomology
  • Ecology
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Biorational pest control agent
  • Biological control
  • Small fruit and tree nut crops

I work on economically important pests, with the aim to provide...

Associated Faculty

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Cody Copp
Assistant Professor (Practice)
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Extension educational programming and applied research for commercial horticulture producers (wine grapes, tree fruit, vegetables) in Umatilla County

Richard Hilton
Senior Faculty Research Assistant II
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  • Integrated pest management.
  • Research focusing on arthropod pests in orchards and vineyards, including new invasive pests such as the brown marmorated stink bug and emergent problems such as red blotch virus in wine grapes.
  • Development and implementation of...
Achala KC
Assistant Professor
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Tree fruit and wine grape pathology.

  • Develop a progressive applied research and educational outreach program that will address emerging diseases in horticultural crops (tree fruits and wine grapes) in Southern Oregon. The plant pathology research program at SOREC is focused on...
Jay Pscheidt
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My work focuses on diagnosis of disease problems on woody perennials including fruit, nut, and nursery crops, and cultural disease control tactics.

Research Description: 

Research and Extension Area: Develop applied diagnostic and control programs for plant diseases of tree...

Ashley Thompson
Assistant Professor