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Planting For the Future

As growers experiment with new ideas, they rely on Oregon State University’s Extension Service for assistance.

OWRI Team Works with Industry and Regulators to Prevent Vine Mealybug Spread

Dr. Vaughn Walton joins OPB “Think Out Loud®” to describe the situation faced by Oregon wine grape growers now that the vine mealybug was found in-state.

Oregon State researchers make breakthrough in understanding the chemistry of wildfire smoke in wine

Oregon State University researchers have discovered a new class of compounds that contributes to the ashy or smoky flavors in wine made with grapes exposed to wildfire smoke.

Unlocking the Secrets of the Vines

OSU’s Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center focuses on growers issues

Oregon Wine Press

Cellar Selects Pack of Pinots, Nov. 2016

(OSU Woodhall III Vineyard 2014 collaboration with Spindrift Cellars)

OSU researchers looking to see how wildfire smoke impacts grapes

Researchers are trying to determine what impact wildfire smoke has on the flavor of Oregon grapes and how, precisely, it happens.

OSU focuses on smoke taint, phenols in wine grapes

Tomasino is an Oregon State University associate professor of enology — the study of wines. She was curious about the smoke and how it may affect grapes and the wine crop in Oregon.