Each term OWRI hosts a series of seminars detailing updates of current research or research outcomes from grape and wine research activities. Seminar content is delivered by researchers from a range of organizations. Presentations will be held via Zoom until further notice. For now, please mark your calendars and stay healthy. 


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Previously Recorded Seminars

12/15/2020 Achala KC, Jana Lee, Alec Levin, Bob Martin, James Osborne, Michael Qian, Patty Skinkis, Elizabeth Tomasino, Vaughn Walton Grape Red Blotch Disease: What we learned and where do we go next? Oregon State University
12/08/2020 Alec Levin, Michael Qian, Patty Skinkis Grape Red Blotch Disease: Grape and wine composition Oregon State University
12/01/2020 Samuel Hoffman Sensory impacts due to Grapevine Red Blotch Virus on Willamette Valley Pinot noir  Oregon State University
11/24/2020 Achala KC More into the details of Grape Red Blotch Disease diagnosis: When, where, how, and why? Oregon State University
11/24/2020 Jana Lee, Bob Martin Testing insects from vineyards with high incidence of Grape Red Blotch Virus for the ability to transmit the virus  USDA-ARS
11/17/2020 Patty Skinkis Vine response to Grape Red Blotch Virus and management tactics in Oregon’s Willamette Valley Oregon State University
11/03/2020 Vaughn Walton

Review of current knowledge of vectors and epidemiology of Grape Red Blotch Disease

Oregon State University
10/27/2020 Cody Copp Efficacy of vineyard management practices for mitigating the effects of Grape Red Blotch Disease Oregon State University
10/20/2020 Alec Levin Where are we now? A deeper understanding of Grape Red Blotch Virus effects on grapevine physiology Oregon State University
06/11/2019 Clark Seavert Developing economic and financial benchmarks for mechanizing northwest vineyards Oregon State University
04/16/2019 James Osborne Using select wine microorganisms as bio-protectants against microbial spoilage during winemaking Oregon State University
02/19/2019 Akif Eskalen Managing Grapevine Trunk Diseases in Vineyards UC Davis
12/11/2018 Valerio Rossi-Stacconi, Rachel Blood A pesticide-free alternative to reduce spotted-wing drosophila egg laying in damaged grapes Oregon State University
10/16/2018 Clive Kaiser Effects of  HydroShield, a Cuticle Supplement in Wine Grapes Oregon State University
08/07/2018 Tony Wolf Recent Research and Extension Efforts in Virginia Viticulture Virginia Tech AHS JHr. Agricultural Research and Extension Center
05/16/2018 Vaughn Walton, Valeria Rossi-Stacconi Mite Management in Vineyards Oregon State University
05/08/2018 Laurent Deluc Genetic regulation of the ripening initiation in grape berry. Can we induce or delay véraison? Oregon State University
04/09/2018 Laurent Deluc The Microvine: A model system to understand the physiology and genetics of grapevine Oregon State University
03/05/2018 David M. Gadoury Why Light Matters: Can we suppress plant pathogens by understanding their photobiology and ecology Cornell University
02/28/2018 Timothy Paulitz Glyphosate and Soil Microbial Communities: Fake News vs Facts USDA-ARS, Pullman, WA
02/19/2018 Alec Levin Does deficit irrigation improve Pinot noir fruit quality in a warm climate? OSU Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center
02/13/2018 Terry Bates Variable rate crop load management for vineyard balance: Can we do it? Cornell Lake Erie Research and Extension Laboratory
10/06/2017 Thomas J. Burr Crown Gall on Grapevines: Management strategies based on current understanding of pathogen biology Cornell University
08/15/2017 Nick Gans, Lacey Menasco Multi-peril Crop Insurance and Whole-Farm Revenue Protection USDA Risk Management Agency
07/07/2017 Landry Rossdeutsch Rootstocks: What role do they play in abiotic stress and nutrient uptake? Oregon State University
04/25/2017 Laurent Deluc Role of Auxin-Response Factor 4 (ARF4) in the Ripening Process of Grape Berry Oregon State University
03/02/2017 Bob Martin, Daniel Dalton, Alec Levin, Rick Hilton, Achala KC, Dipak Poudyal Red Blotch Virus Status & Update Oregon State University, OSU Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center, USDA-ARS Horticulture Crops Research Unit, ODA
10/20/2016 Inga A. Zasada The Northern Root-knot Nematode Prefers Chardonnay: Insights into Nematode Management and Biology in Semi-Arid Wine Grapes USDA-ARS Horticulture Crops Research Unit
07/08/2016 Sandra Milena Olarte Mantilla Berry Sensory Assessment: A Valuable Tool in Grape and Wine Production University of Adelaide, Australia
05/09/2016 Lindsey Thiessen The wait for a host: Understanding Erysiphe necator overwintering and early season inoculum release Oregon State University
05/09/2016 Brian Bailey  Development of a Mechanistic Vineyard Simulation Tool to Support Improved Management Decisions USDA-ARS Horticulture Crops Research Unit
03/08/2016 Michelle Moyer Powdery Mildew: Biology and Management Washington State University
02/02/2016 Jay W. Pscheidt Fungal Sex Could Resist Your Advances Oregon State University