Graduate Student Travel Award

Travel Awards

Funding: OSU Oregon Wine Research Institute

Award Details
The travel funds from this award are designed to provide graduate students of OWRI faculty with financial support to cover part of the cost associated with attending and presenting their scholarly work/achievements at prestigious scientific national/international conferences.

  • Domestic travel – up to $1,000 but no more than the match provided by the major professor and award will be based on actual expenses incurred.
  • International travel – up to $2,000 but no more than the match provided by the major professor and award will be based on actual expenses incurred.
  • Applications are accepted quarterly throughout the academic year, subject to funding availability per term.   
  • Applications must be submitted prior to attendance of the meeting.
  • Unsuccessful applications can be resubmitted in a subsequent quarter, but individuals may only receive one award per year.
  • Only one application per individual is allowed per quarter.
  • The awardee must submit for reimbursement within 30 days of returning from travel: travel receipts, the poster/slide handout, and proof of attendance.
  • Funds must be spent within nine months of being awarded.  


  • Currently enrolled Oregon State University graduate student with a core or associate faculty member of OWRI as major professor.
  • Graduate program GPA >3.00.
  • Meeting attendance of national or international meeting where the student presents original viticulture or enology research conducted during their tenure at Oregon State University. Attendance of regional meetings is not supported by this program.
  • Each student may receive up to two awards over the course of a M.S. program or three awards during their Ph.D. program. Only one award can be for international travel (i.e., outside of North America).
  • Applications must be complete and submitted by the deadline to be considered.

Application Deadlines

  • Quarter 1: January 10 
  • Quarter 2: April 24
  • Quarter 3: July 10
  • Quarter 4: October 10 

Application Requirements
Students may not submit on their own behalf. Students are encouraged to work with their major professor to apply. A single PDF with the following components in order, except for the letter of recommendation, emailed to the OWRI program coordinator by 5 pm PST of the quarterly deadline (determined by email timestamp).

  • Letter of Intent.  A cover letter, written by the student, on their departmental letterhead, describing their academic and career goals and a description of how the experience will help them meet those goals (500 word maximum).
  • Copy of abstract submitted to the meeting.
  • Statement of Research. No more than 1200 word (including references) expanded abstract of the presentation with no more than two figures or tables (each limited to a single page with 1-inch margins, 11-point font size). The document should have the following sections for meeting attendance awards: introduction (including problem and hypotheses), methods, results, discussion and future research. References should contain first author, title, journal volume and pages, and a DOI or other web link.
  • CV. Professional listing of the applicant’s education, experience, presentations, and publications (Full citation with DOI or other URL required). Must not exceed two pages, single-spaced, 11-point font size, with 1-inch margins.
  • Transcript. A copy of applicant’s academic transcript (unofficial copy is acceptable).
  • Budget. This should be a table with budget line items of all expenses expected to be incurred during travel and cost estimates listed. Expenses not listed in the budget will not be allowed upon payment. A budget justification can accompany the budget table.
  • Letter of Recommendation. Letter of recommendation from the major professor regarding the student’s accomplishments and potential. Letter should address the significance of the research to be presented/conducted, the benefit to the student, and the student’s potential. The letter is to be submitted separately by the faculty member to the OWRI program coordinator by the quarterly deadline.

Submit applications to Denise Dewey, Program Coordinator, Oregon Wine Research Institute