Dr. Patty Skinkis. Photo credit: Lynn Ketchum

As growers experiment with new ideas, they rely on Oregon State University’s Extension Service for assistance.

Dr. Vaughn Walton joins OPB “Think Out Loud®” to describe the situation faced by Oregon wine grape growers now that the vine mealybug was found in-state.

August 2, 2023 | Full Story

Jarod Sleet graduated with a BS in Viticulture and Enology from Oregon State University in 2013. Learn more about his wine industry career path in this Winemaker Talk feature article.

June 22, 2023 | Full Story

Pinot noir grapes at Oregon State University's Woodhall Vineyard undergoing smoke experiments. Photo: Sean Nealon.

Oregon State University researchers have discovered a new class of compounds that contributes to the ashy or smoky flavors in wine made with grapes exposed to wildfire smoke.

Elizabeth Tomasino | April 16, 2023 | Full Story

Dr. Levin sharing his research findings with a group of grape growers.

OSU’s Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center focuses on growers issues

Alexander Levin | April 11, 2023 | Full Story


Researchers are trying to determine what impact wildfire smoke has on the flavor of Oregon grapes and how, precisely, it happens.

Cole Cerrato | Jenna Fryer | September 21, 2022 | Full Story

grape plants damaged by wildfires

Joining Ira to talk about how scientists are working to better understand how wildfire smoke impacts wine is Dr. Cole Cerrato, assistant professor of food science at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon.

Cole Cerrato | September 19, 2022 | Full Story

Vaughn Walton

Oregon State University’s Vaughn Walton has joined the ranks as one of the world’s most highly cited researchers from 2019-2021 by Clarivate, a global company that provides analytics and insights in the sciences.

Vaughn Walton | July 8, 2022 | Full Story

An OSU researcher setting up an experiment on smoke’s effect on wine grapes, June 2022 (OSU)

Tomasino is an Oregon State University associate professor of enology — the study of wines. She was curious about the smoke and how it may affect grapes and the wine crop in Oregon.

Grapes and wine are affected differently depending on the intensity, duration and proximity of a wildfire, and what kind of wood or material is burning

Elizabeth Tomasino | September 12, 2021 | Full Story

Cellar Selects Pack of Pinots, Nov. 2016

(OSU Woodhall III Vineyard 2014 collaboration with Spindrift Cellars)

November 1, 2016 | Full Story